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Incoming Romania

Karaoke contest in Romania , Karaoke contest in Romania - Karaoke contest with some romanian songs and folk singers

 Day 1 Arrival in Bucharest

Accommodation in hotel 5*,dinner in a Bistro in Downtown.

Day 2.Bucharest Sightseeing

A short sightseeing tour : the Old Princely Court, the Village Museum the Patriarchal Cathedral, the Palace of the Parliament.In the afternoon well visit the Monasteries from Caldarusani and Cernica nearby Bucharest. In the late afternoon-arrival in a nice Restaurant with folklorical Programm where our guest would have  the upportunity to participate at a Karaoke Show with the famous Romanian folkorical songs and where they’ll start to learn Romanian expressions .The folklorical show program would continue with dinner with romanian traditional food and wine in together Accommodation  in Hotel 5*.

Day 3.Bucharest-Sinaia-Bran-Brasov

From Bucharest well travel to Brasov,and then with the beautiful sceneries of  the mountains. Your first visit of the day will be the PelesCastle in Sinaia, former summer residence of King Carol I. After a short drive you’ll arrive at the BranCastle, also known as DraculaCastle, built at the end of the 14th century by the merchants ofBrasov to protect the border between Transylvania and Walachia. Well  have a farewell dinner in the Restaurant, The Carpathian Stag; Accomodation in Brasov in a -5*-Hotel.

Day 4.Brasov-BucharestAirport

Early morning to BucharestAirport

Karaoke contest in Romania
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